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Fighting for Freedom

The clanging of swords was unmistakable ... and a sign that we were indeed in the right place. The fight to raise money for the girls at StreetLightUSA had begun...

April 14 & 15 was the 4th Annual Phoenix Society Charity HEMA Weekend. Over the course of two days, swordsmen participated in challenges and tournaments, raffles and auctions - all to support the young girls residing at StreetLightUSA.

We were deeply moved by the generosity of those in attendance and their heart for the cause. More than once we thought the fundraising was complete... and another item would be auctioned off. The reasoning was very simple: “it’s for charity.”

The fighters left last year’s fundraising numbers in the dust with swordsmanship suaveness. Challenges were fraught with serious skill, but there was also a light-heartedness to it all. One minute two challengers were rivals, the next you could find them on the practice mats learning from each other, honing their skills, and complimenting each other’s strengths.

StreetLightUSA is blessed each year by the kindness and generosity of the participants in the Annual Phoenix Society Charity HEMA Weekend. Thank you to every single fighter, sponsor and donor for supporting the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship’s efforts to benefit the residents of StreetLightUSA.

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