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Walking Alongside The Girls

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

My background includes working in social services for 10 years, with six years in a residential setting. Prior to working with StreetLightUSA, I was blessed with overseeing the day-to-day operations of a 300-bed capacity shelter for unaccompanied minors, our world's citizens, who left their country due to extreme poverty, catastrophic environmental disasters, and/or severe violence.

My passion is working for children and adolescents with the goal to be part of their journey toward healing and becomin the best version of themselves. This passion led me to StreetLightUSA.

StreetLightUSA specializes in Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation/ Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSE/CSEC). Our primary goal is to re-establish a sense of physical and emotional safety for the girls as they work through their healing. Our services include case management, optional pastoral care services, medical support services, trauma-informed pediatric care, and food-mood responsive menus. The girls are equipped with skills through independent life skills groups, vocational support services and in-house trauma-informed academics to help them restore high school credits and begin their college applications and plans.

It’s a blessing to see growth and healing among the girls residing at StreetLightUSA. This is what energizes and motivates me daily. In such a short time, I have seen the girls learn and utilize healthy communication to self-advocate, demonstrate new strategies to regulate, and not just dream but work toward their future. This reassures me that our program is working towards operational excellence. I am excited to share space with the girls as I plan to facilitate art projects that can be used as a creative method of expression through their healing.

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