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Neighbors Take Action

I first learned of sex trafficking through my mother who was doing research on the topic.

The issues deeply concerned me! I was surprised to find out how rampant this kind of abuse is in our society.

I think it is important to expose the abuse and to help people see what we can do to help heal those who have been affected by sex trafficking. It is important to help victims that so desperately need our assistance.

Neighbors can decide to unite and work together as a team to help. It is important that everyone understands that donations in all amounts are welcome. Neighbors can partner with StreetLightUSA through monetary donations, gift card donations, volunteer work, or fundraising.

Our neighborhood is committed to choosing and contributing to a non-profit organization every month throughout the year. We want to be a light for those in need. We work with each organization to see what their needs are and then each household contributes what they can. In working with different organizations, we see where we can provide our time and resources and teach our youth to do the same.

I do not think people realize that there is help available. It is important to educate people about the absolute destruction sex trafficking causes and that the good news is that there are opportunities to help.

When we encourage and empower more people to get involved, we bring light to the abuse and allow others to see that help and healing are possible.

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