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4 Tips to Start the Discussion

You want to have a discussion about child sex trafficking. You know it's important. But how do you start?

First, know your subject matter. Follow organizations like StreetLightUSA, Shared Hope International and Polaris Project. As you learn, you will gain a sense of what aspects of this difficult topic you’re most comfortable talking about. You will also be able to consider the points that your peers or community might be most likely to respond to. It can be helpful to memorize a short “elevator pitch” to share when an opportunity arises.

Do you love reading? Or watching movies? There are many books and films about domestic sex trafficking. You can mention those that you find especially informative to your friends who share the same hobby and offer to loan them your copy so you can discuss later.

Book ideas: Renting Lacy, From Congress to the Brothel, Not For Sale

Movie ideas: Nefarious, Trafficked, I Am Jane Doe

Are you passionate about politics? For talking to people who are politically-minded, Shared Hope International can keep you up-to-date with legislation:

If you like to keep information to hand out, here’s a link for free printable handouts:

How have you started a discussion about sex trafficking? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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