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A word from our CEO,
Skye Steele

Hello faithful supporters of StreetLightUSA. In the few short months since I joined StreetLightUSA, I have grown to feel at home on this beautiful campus. It's a privilege and an honor to work in the company of talented and dedicated staff and volunteers who serve our population with grace and patience.


I am committed to building upon the legacy that this organization has so faithfully earned over the past nine years. Part of this ongoing development is the addition of our new Director of Programs, Dr. Angela Solomon, who joined us in December 2017. Together we are guiding our team in the integration of Christ-Centered programming and classes and trauma-informed clinical services. 


But that is only the beginning. Because of the tireless work by our staff, made possible by the ongoing investment from you, the StreetLightUSA family is moving towards an even more holistic model that will one day enable us to offer Equine therapy on our own property. 


In addition, we're looking to add EMDR, DBT, art and music therapy to the many programs we currently offer which include counseling (group and individual), life-skills groups, art, music and gardening activities, bible study, and specialized classes that support the unique and varied needs of the children in our care.


One day, I hope we are able to fulfill the vision of opening a chapel, a school and a medical center on campus. We are making progress each and every day towards these goals. But, I know we are achieving our most important goal when a child in our care is accepted into a loving family, as was the case for two girls this past month. 


The ultimate goal for StreetLightUSA is to prepare our girls for the future, help them recover from trauma, show them the love of God, and to assist with their transition into a loving home. Knowing that our kiddos transition into a loving home always warms my heart. This is what keeps all of us inspired and motivated to provide the best possible care and services each and every day. I am grateful for all of the donors, volunteers, staff and individuals who make this possible. I hope you will continue to walk alongside of us as we work together to make this vision for transformed lives a reality.


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