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The Sanctuary (TS) at StreetLightUSA (SLUSA) is a level 2 residential trauma healing facility for adolescent females who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation or who are at high risk of being sexually exploited. Trauma healing services include the treatment of co-occurring disorders and behaviors, to include acute trauma symptoms, substance abuse, disruptive behaviors, interpersonal/attachment related challenges, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. All services are included within our cultural and diversity responsive paradigm.

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  • Screening and Referrals

  • Assessment

  • Trauma Healing Therapy Group

  • General Medical Care (PCH)

  • Psychiatric Care Services

  • EMDR

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Faith-Based Counseling

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • Substance Abuse (SA) Treatment

  • Cultural and Diversity Responsiveness

  • Healing Music Groups

  • Equine Facilitated Coping Skills Groups

  • Healing Art Series

  • Emotional Support Pets

  • Trauma Healing Yoga

  • Life Skills Groups Facilitated by a Master’s Level Survivor

  • Trauma-Informed Academic Support

  • Supervised Online School

  • Gut-Brain-Axis Informed Clean Food Menu

  • Sleep Hygiene Curriculum

  • Individual Trauma Healing Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Sensory modulating equipped intake, therapy, and activity rooms

  • Bedrooms designed with colors to promote a sense of calm. Soft lighting, coddling/self-soothing bean bags, and sound/light machines further support a sense of safety and comfort.

  • Weighted blankets available as clinically appropriate 

  • Communal areas designed with soothing colors and sensory modulation equipment  


Safe and thoughtful outdoor environments are available for group activities or individually supervised time.

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Crisis de-escalation and safety are managed through prevention, adaptive coping prompts and emotional support.


We take a multi-layer approach to safety including:

  • non-shatter hardware & equipment throughout facility

  • surveillance cameras in communal and office spaces

  • card readers and egress bars on main doors

  • window alarms in bedrooms

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StreetLightUSA Pastoral Care Program offers residents the opportunity to join pastoral coaching and counseling sessions, support groups, church services, Bible studies and year-round program activities including summer youth camp. Individual counseling and family support sessions are offered to StreetLightUSA program resident.

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