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Choose the most efficient way to foster lasting change in the life of a young female residing at StreetLightUSA.

Corporate and Business Giving

Companies that create opportunities go give back create a positive work environment, bringing employees together to participate in team volunteer programs and encourages everyone to see themselves as part of the greater community.


As society shifts toward more prominent social, environmental, and economic responsibility, the importance of corporate philanthropy has increased as well. It’s become essential to business success, bringing more benefits with a greater impact on performance.

Learn about Cause Marketing, Workplace Giving and other Corporate Giving programs. Start a corporate giving program




"Bristol Global Mobility employees make a difference in the lives of girls residing at StreetLightUSA. Volunteering with StreetLightUSA impacted me so much I couldn’t wait to get back to work and share my experience with my peers. It just grew from there. I am blessed to work with a company that gives support for all the things that we are trying to accomplish in the community."

Andrean Cunningham

Director, Finance and Accounting Services  

Bristol Global Mobility 

Businesses Give Back Portion of Sales

According to the recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, the social consciousness of a company leads consumers to believe products are of better quality. Buyers spend 26% more, and retailers have 29% more sales when it comes to the power of giving back.


As individuals, giving back to our communities makes us feel good, causes us to be more socially aware, and helps us bond with our colleagues as we join together to help the girls residing at StreetLightUSA.


"As a woman owned and operated company, Flex and Fits has chosen to partner with and support StreetLightUSA, hoping to bring more awareness to child sex trafficking. Having volunteered with StreetLightUSA and hearing the stories told by these children, left a huge impact on my heart. Recognizing that this is a global epidemic that occurs daily in the US without much attention to, is why we have chosen to donate a portion of our proceeds to StreetLightUSA."

Sommer Knoblock 

Customer Support Team
Flex and Fits

Flex and Fits FB Cover Image.jpg
Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a convenient way for you to support StreetLightUSA residents. Please consider directing a portion of your paycheck to StreetLightUSA or setting up StreetLightUSA as a giving option for your employees.

This type of giving offers you or your employees the simplicity of automatic payroll deductions without any loss of charitable-giving tax benefits.

To get started, check out the easy ways to give below or ask your human resources department to guide you through your options.

Would you like to learn more about other workplace giving opportunities or start a workplace giving program? Please contact a member of our development team to learn more about your options. 

You Make A Huge Difference

Your gift puts an end to child sexual exploitation and brings hope to the young females residing at StreetLightUSA - 100% of our donations from individuals go towards funding program/direct care expenses not covered by our service fees and grants.

The Power to Make a Change

StreetLightUSA Sources & Spending Breakdown


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