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Take A Stand

by StreetlightUSA Development Team

StreetLightUSA GivingTuesday December 1st

Participate in a worldwide movement to

end child sex trafficking!

Starting on November 23 through December 1st you have an opportunity to show your support of StreetLightUSA by inviting your family, friends, and neighbors to join you on social media.

With 3 simple steps you can help end this horror and abuse of children.

Step 1. Talk About StreetLightUSA on Social Media. Click below to receive your copy, paste, and send StreetLightUSA GivingTuesday Social Media Kit.

Step 2.Start your own StreetLightUSA GivingTuesday Facebook Fundraiser.

Step 3. Take Your Stand – Make Your Donation Today!

Your support is crucial to our ability to help our girls turn trauma into triumph. The gift you give and encourage others to give helps provide basic needs, 24/7 residential shelter, medical care, counseling, trauma informed therapy, crisis intervention and stabilization dedicated to girls 13 to 17 that are at risk of and victimized by child sex trafficking.

To help end child sex trafficking in Arizona and abroad StreetLightUSA partners with local agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the world.

During November 23 through December1st we will spotlight StreetLightUSA program services, partners and non-profit organizations that are fighting against child sex trafficking worldwide.

Please watch for StreetLightUSA daily e-appeals highlighting ways you can help end child sex trafficking.

Empower Each One to Reach One

Be A Hero of Hope

Shine the Light! Take A Stand Today!

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