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Giving Tuesday

Be A Hero Of Hope

Remember StreetLightUSA on

Giving Tuesday – December 1, 2020

We invite you to join Giving Tuesday in a global generosity movement that takes place on December 1, 2020. During November 23 – December 1, 2020 StreetLightUSA will offer an opportunity for you to join with partners throughout the world to help end child sex trafficking.


Please share information about StreetLightUSA Giving Tuesday with family, friends and neighbors. We have designed StreetLightUSA Giving Tuesday Kit that make this easy as copy, paste and share on your Facebook and Instagram page.

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StreetLightUSA Giving Tuesday Kit

StreetLightUSA Giving Tuesday Social Media Graphics

StreetLightUSA Giving Tuesday Social Media Sample Copy

StreetLightUSA Sample Letters

Family and Friends Letter

Church Partner Letter

StreetLightUSA Videos

StreetLightUSA 1 Minute Promo Public

StreetLightUSA 2020: Web Version Public

You Make A Huge Difference

Your gift puts an end to child sexual exploitation and brings hope to the young females residing at StreetLightUSA - 100% of our donations from individuals go towards funding program/direct care expenses not covered by our service fees and grants.

The Power to Make a Change

StreetLightUSA Sources & Spending Breakdown


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