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Celebrating our volunteers and mentors
who give selflessly of their time with their hands and hearts



The StreetLightUSA volunteer program is a key part of programming, development and operations at StreetLightUSA. We are forever grateful for the many individuals who choose to share their gifts with our staff and the girls together we serve.

Meet Ann Todd.  Ann has shared her artistic gifts and talents with StreetLightUSA since 2015.  Most recently, Ann has taught an art class for the residents every month for the past year and has now committed to two times a month!


We ask Ann about her choice to volunteer...

Why do you volunteer ?

I volunteer because I want to serve. It gives me a sense of purpose and it helps our community.

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

Why StreetLightUSA ?

Because it was a perfect fit for me. I raised two daughters with lots of LOVE and lots of ART. My two daughters are now grown and I have plenty of LOVE to share and plenty of ART supplies as well. It has been fun spending time with the girls and wonderful to cultivate their creativity. 

Thank you, Ann! Your contribution is priceless.



Our thoughts and prayers continue for the family of long-time supporter, volunteer and friend, Julie Knoller Schwarz.

Julie joined the StreetLightUSA family years ago, facilitating program activities for the residents. Staff describe her as, "always quick to offer help with a big smile, motherly and warm spirit with genuine love in her eyes" and "you couldn’t help but feel trust and peace when Julie spoke to you." Always considerate and caring of the residents’ needs and wants, Julie created a wonderful Milestone program to help celebrate the girls and their successes and to encourage and support the girls’ growth and good choices. 


Julie and her Temple envisioned a recognition luncheon event for the girls of StreetLightUSA and made it happen. Julie supported StreetLightUSA residents by hosting and leading a team of volunteers from Temple Solel with a quarterly Milestone event which recognizes and awards the residents for meeting their goals.  Julie coordinated with Rabbis Linder and Langowitz and their loving support of our mission and with businesses which provided donations such as athletic shoes, fresh flowers and other treasured gifts for the girls to receive. We had an excellent Milestone event last October led by Julie, which was a lovely and meaningful day for the girls and everyone involved. It has been such a joy to witness and participate in this uplifting and positive event Julie and her team created. We plan to continue the Milestone events in honor of the legacy and memory Julie leaves behind. She will be greatly missed.



Thank you Church of the Nations for providing a wonderful day of catered lunch, haircuts, and makeovers for the residents. These special moments provide the girls with an opportunity to relax and enjoy "normal" teenage girl fun.


A big thanks to ALL the individuals and groups the give of their personal time to make a difference on campus and in the lives of the girls we serve.  

  • Compass Christian Church - May 12th

  • Mission Church - May 29th 

  • Dream it Be Event - June 15th 

  • Renewed Life Church - (coming) June 30th

Every other week a team of volunteers from YoungLife come to campus to host games, worship, a lesson and small group time.

Thank you, YoungLife! The girls consistently express how much they enjoy this ministry.


The next Volunteer Orientation is July 28th at 9:30 am.

Interested in volunteering? Click HERE to send us a message or to access the on-line application.

We are continuing work on the new Volunteer Portal that will include an interactive opportunity directory and streamlined sign-up. We are sure you're going to like it. Stay tuned - coming late summer! 

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