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Celebrating our volunteers and mentors who give selflessly of their time with their hands and hearts



The StreetLightUSA volunteer program is a key part of programming, development and operations at StreetLightUSA. We are forever grateful for the many individuals who choose to share their gifts with our staff and the girls we serve to together.


Why volunteer?

Volunteers at my church and the police department came to my family’s rescue when I almost died after childbirth. I was in the hospital for two weeks and bed bound for weeks after. I was so amazed - people I barely knew fed our family, cleaned our house, mowed the lawn - you name it! All volunteers. They were so joyful. It impacted me greatly and opened my eyes and heart to volunteer and give back.

Meet Debi Lavergne!

Debi has been serving as a volunteer and working with many members of our team over the years. We love her enthusiasm for our mission and her friendly embrace of all she works with.

We asked Debi about her choice to volunteer...

About me:
I have been fortunate to have had two amazing careers in law enforcement and educational drug counseling and currently have the best retirement job ever, flying the friendly skies with Southwest Airlines. I have been married to the love of my life, Dean, for 27 years and have two kids - who aren’t kids anymore! My daughter is graduating from high school this year and my son is a sophomore in college.  I love to travel (perks of the job) and my “happy place” is on the side of any mountain hiking. 

Why StreetLightUSA?

I have witnessed firsthand the devastation of sex trafficking both personally and professionally. When I learned Compass Christian Church was involved in serving StreetLightUSA, I knew this is where God wanted me to serve. I have been truly blessed to serve alongside so many hardworking, dedicated volunteers at Compass Christian Church!



Thank you, Debi! Your contribution has brought many new enthusiastic volunteers and Friends of StreetLightUSA to our doorstep. We are grateful to know you and to call you Friend!


Service Project Shout Out

National Community Church from Washington, D.C has traveled to Arizona and our campus for several years to love on the residents at StreetLightUSA. This year they visited during the residents’ spring break and organized an exciting week of hiking, going to the zoo, a spa day, bible studies, and serving at another local non-profit. It was a week filled with fun for the residents and a spring break they will never forget! Thank you National Community Church for bringing HOPE to our residents every year and making a difference in their lives!"

Volunteer Powered!

StreetLightUSA’s programs are enhanced and supported by volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved please complete a volunteer application



For questions, please contact Chelsea Davies, Volunteer Manager or (623)435-0900 x8139


Front Desk: Do you like to greet and interact with people and answer phones? We could use your help at the front desk!

Educational Tutors: If you are free between 8:00 AM and 3 PM Monday-Friday we are seeking volunteer tutors in a variety of subjects and grade levels.


The next Volunteer Orientation is May 18th at 9:30.
Interested in volunteering? Click HERE to send us a message or to access the on-line application.

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