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We are so thankful for the partnerships that enable us to provide quality care and services for the girls we serve.

We are thrilled to celebrate Grand Canyon University and the support this institution lends through the volunteerism and service of its staff and students.


We have been privileged to partner with GCU’s Janet Fleming for the past three years and her nursing student interns who, through their clinical rotation program, provide weekly Wellness Education groups, meet with residents individually to provide medication education, and conduct medication audits and staff trainings. This is an invaluable healthcare resource that augments the services provided by our staff and provides real-life experience for nursing students.


StreetLightUSA is also supported by GCU’s Spiritual Life Outreach each week, facilitated by GCU's Torrey Allen. On average about 20 students provide tutoring, make dinner, and facilitate a weekly Women’s Empowerment Group.


StreetLightUSA's Residential Program Coordinator, Christine Shall notes, "It is a pleasure and joy to have the GCU students on campus weekly to provide tutoring and activities for the Residents. They are dedicated, compassionate, loving, and excellent role models. They are remarkable in that they truly care about these girls and love them when they are not easy to love, and they build relationships with the girls and provide consistent positive guidance. We are so grateful for their support!"


StreetLightUSA is truly enriched and strengthened by this special partnership with GCU. This organization demonstrates the power of community in a very tangible way.  Thank you, Janet, Torrey, and everyone from GCU!

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