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We are thankful to be blessed with opportunities to deliver and expand the care and services we provide young girls in our community - today and tomorrow.
"Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."
Psalm 30:2
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Therapy Room

The StreetLightUSA therapy room is very different than what most teenagers expect. It is furnished with equipment to help regulate the nervous system, promote physical activity, encourage the brain to process emotions and sharing.  This healing model is based on “bottom-up” evidence-based treatment models that focuses on nervous system regulation which encourages the brain to process emotions and behaviors related to trauma.

Activity/Art Room

The activity and art room promotes physical fitness, expressive art and life skills.  The environmental design includes sensory modulation that aids visual, auditory, tactile, movement and olfactory stimulus.


Visitation Room

The visitation room offers residents a place to meet with their family, counselors, treatment team members and law enforcement personnel.  It is equipped with sensory modulation equipment to promote a sense of security and calm during visits that can be stressful.

* To keep our residents safe and protect their privacy, names are changed and stock photos are used.

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