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This work is challenging because "success" so often seems so far down the road. Our motivation and inspiration for the day-to-day must come from little (and sometimes big) praises and then resting in the peace found only in knowing who holds real victory in the end.

Caring for others and taking action...

On a recent warm and sunny day, Jaime was headed back to campus when she spotted a homeless woman on the sidewalk.  The woman had only a small bag with her, with no water in sight. Jaime implored her chaperone to pull over so they could share an extra bottle of water they had in the car. We observed that day both her compassion and her newfound ability to give back and act on that decision. Small acts like this provide a glimpse into the future of the young women in our care growing into caring and compassionate adults.  


Moving forward and striving for more

Alexis is hard at work studying for her SATs.  While the SATs are a difficult experience for all teenagers, they are only one step of a long and difficult journey of recovery for her.  She hopes to score well enough on the SATs to ensure entry to college, and has already set her sights on a unique and challenging career.  She has come a long way since she arrived at StreetLightUSA, and we are so proud of her progress and determination!

Celebrating StreetLightUSA Staff!

Please join us in welcoming our most recent new team members and congratulating those who are growing with us. The StreetLightUSA staff are the hands and feet in the trenches every day, 24/7, making transition from trauma to triumph possible.

New Hires:

Tia C. -Direct Care Provider

Courtney B.- Support Services Manager

Janeice M.- Lead Direct Care Provider

Victoria H.- Direct Care Provider

Krystal B.- Direct Care Supervisor

Daisy P.- Direct Care Provider

Shelby SJ- Direct Care Provider

Lily R.-  Direct Care Provider

Micaela C.- Direct Care Provider


Sandra AP.- Transitioned from Lead Direct Care Provider to Activities Coordinator

Passion A- Lead Direct Care Provider to Residential Case Manager

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