This work is challenging because "success" so often seems so far down the road. Our motivation and inspiration for the day-to-day must come from little (and sometimes big) praises and then resting in the peace found only in knowing who holds real victory in the end.
"We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done."
Psalm 75:1

Academic Achievements

Two of our residents graduated from our on-campus school, Prestige Academy, last the spring!  One resident received her diploma and the other her GED.

Speaking Up

“Bailey” did very well in her academics last semester! She was supportive of her fellow Prestige Academy students, a positive leader and a proactive, assiduous student. Bailey’s teachers were particularly impressed with her ability to advocate for herself and express her emotions - two things that can be very challenging for the girls in our care.

Celebrating StreetLightUSA Staff!

Please join us in welcoming our most recent new team members and congratulating those who are growing with us. The StreetLightUSA staff are the hands and feet in the trenches every day, 24/7, making transition from trauma to triumph possible.


Anaini M. - Residential Case Manager

Christine S. - Residential Services Manager

Priscilla B. - Academic Coordinator II

Shane R. - Director of Campus Support

Shauna S. - Lead Direct Care Provider

New Hires:

April F. - Residential Service Provider

Auslu S. - Residential Service Provider

Heather S. - Trauma Specialist, The Sanctuary

Jasmin C. - Academic Coordinator I

Jessica H. - Therapeutic Program Coach

Kyra G. - Residential Service Provider

Sade W. - Residential Service Provider

Samantha N. - Residential Service Provider

Shenelle T. - Residential Service Provider

Tamika J. - Residential Service Provider

Tequilla S. - Residential Services Aide

New Hires:

Allie J. - Case Aide

Amanda G. - Direct Care Provider

Brenda R. - Direct Care Provider

Darlene E. - Direct Care Provider

Demicia D. - Direct Care Provider

Doug R. - Maintnance Tech

Elsa H. - Direct Care Provider

Felicia C. - Direct Care Provider

JahVonnie E. - Direct Care Provider

Jennifer A. - Direct Care Provider

Jolene L. - Director of Fund Development

Kaitlyn J. - Direct Care Provider

Lisa M. - Direct Care Provider

Megan W. - Direct Care Provider

Natalie T. - Direct Care Provider

Nieisha E. - Direct Care Provider

Ofelia R. - Direct Care Provider

Renae L. - Direct Care Provider

Sylvia H. - Direct Care Provider

Tiffani C. - Services & Staff Development Liaison

*To keep our residents safe and protect their privacy, names are changed and stock photos are used.