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What Can You Do...?

What can you do for these children?

These children whose earliest memories include being exploited... who have never known the safety of family because they were exploited by their family... who believe they are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for their body... who can’t remember having hope for the future... who believe they are safer with their trafficker than anywhere else... who have never had the freedom to just be a kid...

What can you do? You can become her champion.

These precious children come to us and they are broken. Physically, emotionally, spiritually - the darkness of the world has broken them down, into submission, to the point that they don’t see any way out.

That’s why they need you. They need you to hear their cries for help and not turn away. They need you to hear their stories and believe there is still hope for them to heal. They need you to be a light in their darkest hours.

Every champion that hears about these children and decides to walk alongside us is another voice telling these children they are worthy, they are not alone, they are not beyond hope, they can triumph.

So what can you do?

You can answer their cries for help - at no extra cost to you. Arizona Tax Credits allow you to donate to StreetLightUSA and reduce your taxes owed, dollar-for-dollar. Visit today; your gift can help the children in our care rebuild their lives and journey from #traumatotriumph.

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