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The Johns: Sex For Sale And The Men Who Buy It

by Victor Malarek

“The Johns” is an unflinching examination of why sex trafficking exists from the perspective of the men who buy it. Victor Malarek, a Canadian journalist, illustrates the arguments used by the men whose money perpetuates one of the worst human rights abuses in the world, and then uses 17 chapters to show just how wrong they are. He re-visits high-profile cases of famous or noteworthy men who trafficked in sex, travels to major hubs of international prostitution to examine why international sex trafficking exists, discusses the impact of the porn industry, and most importantly includes a number of quotes from the johns themselves.

Malarek seeks to prove in his book that the men who buy sex are not always the seemingly deviant loner in our society; many are married, have jobs, and contribute to society. A john can look like anyone.

A difficult book to get through, full of terrible things, opinions and stories, but a valuable one to read if you want to fully understand why sex trafficking continues to exist in our modern society.

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