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April Martinez Refuses to Watch the World Turn Away From Child Sex Trafficking

As a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse,  I want to help girls who have been victims of commercial sex trafficking. I thought about this for years and finally have the clarity, direction and resources to become an advocate.

I was molested and abused from ages 3-5 years old. The fracturing of the mind and soul that happens is not something I can explain with words. Going through this was always a source of deep shame until I realized that God has a plan for me. He needs my voice to touch victims and those who do not know or understand the ramifications of sexual abuse. I believe with every fiber of my being I am embarking on the mission and the plan God laid down for me.

The desire to defend the vulnerable and restore the broken is my passion.

I feel as though I have walked through fire and been in very low places throughout my life. PTSD impacted my life in so many ways and eventually led me down the path of alcoholism. I believe girls who go through sex trafficking are at risk for many issues later in life and helping them is imperative to seeing them live healthy lives.

It’s important to me to make an impact and be a part of healing. I even found a way to do this in my daily life. I own a large salon, day and med spa with predominantly female staff. I work with all of my staff as they wade through personal obstacles and life hardships to live in the light and strive for their dreams and successes.

I refuse to watch the world turn their eye from child sex trafficking any longer.

We all should be aware of the heinous predators in our very own communities using children for financial gains through sex trafficking. These children are being robbed of their innocence and missing the opportunity to grow up into productive adults.

StreetLightUSA is making a difference and needs support to strengthen and grow. By supporting StreetLightUSA we can support the efforts to rescue and rehabilitate these fallen girls into the angels they are. It is vital to create awareness for StreetLightUSA and the anti sex trafficking movement. This is often kept quiet and not at the forefront of issues. It’s time we cast a SPOTLIGHT on StreetLightUSA, and we do that by increasing our numbers and making our voices heard.

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