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Ready to have some fun and do good at the same time?

We have put together 4 different Host Kits to help you, our supporters, spread the word and grow the number of people and dollars transitioning girls from trauma to triumph.
Each kit is designed to provide easy and effective ways to tell your guests, friends or the public about the issues, needs and ways we can each help victims of sexual abuse.

"Make Something"

Art Party

Supplies for entertaining group canvas painting activities, plus info cards and party favors - all designed to help you have fun, tell the story, and make a real difference in many girls lives.

Make it Simple Party Pack

Quick ideas and supplies for a simple gathering at your house, a coffee shop, or cafe - all designed to make it easy to share with your friends how they can support no cost.

Dinner Out

Tax Credit Kit

Dinner table convo cards and digital tools to give you and your friends an easy way to instantly redirect (no cost) tax dollars that help save lives.


Promo Pack

Have a business or know someone who does?  We'd love to provide print and digital material about StreetLightUSA, and promote your support on our website

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