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In response to turning trauma into triumph for girls who are at risk and victimized by commercial sex trafficking, local churches help sustain StreetLightUSA in a variety of ways from offering financial support, volunteering, offering in-kind donations and support. 

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StreetLightUSA partners with national / state program, corporations, foundations, churches, membership groups and associations to receive direct care service fees, grants, donations and in-kind gifts.

“For anyone looking to get involved in an organization please consider StreetlightUSA as an option. When we help the youth get their lives back on the right path we are investing in the future of our country and world. Helping young girls who have found themselves in an extreme circumstance is like pulling them out of the pit of hell. How can you not partner with a group that does that?”

Bonny – StreetLightUSA Community Partner

You Make A Huge Difference in the Lives of Girls

Your gift puts an end to child sexual exploitation and brings hope to the girls residing at StreetLightUSA - 100% of our donations from individuals go towards funding program/direct care expenses not covered by our service fees and grants.  

The Power to Make a Change

StreetLightUSA Sources & Spending Breakdown


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